Thursday, April 2, 2015

Enable CORS on WSO2 Data Services Server (DSS)

CORS enable/disable feature does not come as an out of the box feature from WSO2 DSS. But this can be achieve by adding a cors filter. We can use the method described in cors filter installation document in DSS as well because DSS uses a tomcat server.

Step 1 : add necessary libraries to DSS

Download and copy cors-filter-2.4.jar and java-property-utils-1.9.1.jar files to the <dss_home>/repository/components/lib folder. Latest libraries can be found in this site.

Step 2 : Add CORS configuration to tomcat web.xml

Open  <dss_home>/repository/conf/tomcat/web.xml file and add CORS Filter declaration and mapping.



Step 3 : Restart the server

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  1. Hi,
    Should I change filter-class as well?


    or 'thetransactioncompany' is the default one?

    Thanks in advance!